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Dynamic theme build 1.2.24401 (

Rilasciato il 16 maggio, 2017

Dynamic theme changelog

Cosa c'è di nuovo

Build 1.2.24200 (

  • Upgrade to Redstone 2 SDK (Creators Update) - optimizations and immersive navigation bar

  • Chinese translation

Build 1.2.22900 (

  • Possibility to manually pass to the next picture with slideshow option

  • New link in 'About' menu to the Frequently Asked Questions page

Build 1.2.20500 (

  • Picture size adjustment setting is fully enabled in this build (supported mode: fill, fit, strech and center)

  • Dynamic settings preview are updated if background task is running and the app is opened

Build 1.2.18300 (

  • New tab 'Network settings' that is allow to disable the use of the Mobile network for Bing and Windows Spotlight synchronization (only if a WWAN modem is detected)

  • Preview of custom photos is generated now

  • In tab 'Background', a message indicates that the 'Tile picture' option is not available to the third party developers ('Full screen picture' option will be automatically reuse)

Build 1.2.17200 (

  • New algorithm to avoid reusing the same Windows Spotlight picture if unused pictures are available (if no more new pictures are available, the list of used pictures is reset)

Build 1.2.16700 (

  • A new layout for Redstone's users matching the new default layout of the native Settings app (only for Redstone's users)

  • Hero image in toast notifications (only for Redstone's users)

  • Support linking to the notifications settings in the app from toast notifications (only for Redstone's users)

  • Preview of your settings in all tabs

  • Some changes in layout of Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures history data

  • Fast save (one click/touch) of a picture in the default location from the History view

  • New feedback options from 'Information' tab: open Feedback Hub (if available) or send an advanced report

  • Roumanian translation

Che cosa è cambiato

Build 1.2.24400 (

  • Some internal optimizations

Build 1.2.24200 (

  • Using of .NET Native 1.6 for better stability and better performances

  • Dutch translation

  • German translation

  • Turkish translation

  • Removed Spanish translation (incomplete, need a translator)

  • Removed Polish translation (incomplete, need a translator)

  • Removed Romanian translation (incomplete, need a translator)

  • Removed Slovak translation (incomplete)

  • Removed Portuguese translation (incomplete)

Build 1.2.23500 (

  • Reliability of the data migration after an application update

  • Reliability of the Windows Spotlight pictures provider

  • Reliability of the internal pictures generation engine (for previews and notifications for example)

  • Reliability of the telemetry data to help us to fix encountered hangs, crashes or internal errors

  • Optimization of custom and slideshow pictures local cache management

  • Dutch translation

  • Italian translation

  • Portuguese translation

Build 1.2.23000 (

  • Optimization of the memory management for settings preview (suppress crashes on low memory devices)

  • Reliability of the advanced reports data

Build 1.2.22900 (

  • Improvements user experience of the advanced report feature (layout, messages, ...)

  • Slideshow synchronization and update process for background and lock screen are now dissociated

  • Use user accent color for albums items icons

  • Smooth transition effect of settings preview when settings are changed

  • When user click on changelog link in 'About' menu, it will be redirected to the changelog of the installed application version

  • Network availability detection to maximize success of daily Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures update

  • Telemetry system improvements and optimizations

  • English translation

  • French translation

Build 1.2.20500 (

  • Quality of used Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures (thank you for your feedbacks about this!)

  • More timing choices for slideshow option: 2, 9 and 18 hours

  • Italian translation

  • French translation

  • German translation

Build 1.2.18300 (

  • App icon quality

  • Informations about feedbacks in the 'About' tab because the Windows Store now allow developers to answer feedbacks that are published in Feedback Hub

  • Performance improvements of dynamic preview of settings

  • Improvements of the app closing time

  • Windows 10 SDK 14393 (Anniversary Update - 1607)

  • Slovak translation

  • Portuguese translation

  • Dutch translation

Build 1.2.17200 (

  • Some indicators that are sent with crash reports to ensure better debugging

  • When using a less defined Bing picture (not available for your resolution for example), prefer a picture with the same ratio (landscape/portrait)

  • Slovak translation

  • Turkish translation

Build 1.2.16700 (

  • Optimization of performances of the application and user interface

  • Generation process and logic of preview pictures for live tiles and toast notifications (better adjustment and quality)

  • Rework internal indicators for a better detection and better report of the execution problems

  • Rework of internal and roaming settings management of the app

  • Rework of local cache management of pictures

  • Synchronization logic of Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures for a better user experience

  • Improve synchronization background task management for a better user experience

  • German translation

  • All translations for new features and changes

Cosa c'è fisso

Build 1.2.24401 (

  • Internal crash when the application working in background to generate the preview of current pictures causing some malfunctions

Build 1.2.24400 (

  • Thread problems at startup in some cases are leading bad application cache initialization

  • Some UI fixes

Build 1.2.24200 (

  • Bad support of 'High Contrast' theme for the main menu and some titles

  • Fiability of used Windows Spotlight pictures database

  • Bad calculation of expiration date of Windows Spotlight pictures in some case that cause multiple changes in short times

  • Fiability of internal settings migration

  • Some crashes in rare cases

  • Some internal issues

Build 1.2.23500 (

  • Windows Spotlight pictures provider does not handle correctly the availability of the previous picture after a long navigation

  • Windows Spotlight pictures provider does not check correctly if a picture was already used in the past before use it

  • Some cases in which the application can freeze and/or close at startup (bad management of some asynchronous actions)

  • Bad initialization of command bar layout of full picture view when the app is started in 'wide' mode

  • Bad support of light/dark system theme switch in some cases (especially on Mobile)

  • The user's message input field for advanced reports does not correctly wrap

  • Application may crash if user open a settings view with an album with some directories (slideshow option)

  • Bad support of pictures with custom orientation in metadata (EXIF)

  • Your background and/or lock screen are not updated after a fit option change

  • With custom and slideshow pictures, fit option is incorrectly used

Build 1.2.23000 (

  • Lock screen settings preview could (again) crash the application with some cultures

Build 1.2.22900 (

  • Lock screen settings preview could crash the application with some cultures

  • Secondary tile for 'Network' menu not working

  • Layout of album items on Mobile

  • Fix crash when user send an advanced report without a name or/and email

  • Fix some crashes on old Windows 10 10240 (TH1) and 10586 (TH2) versions

  • Some crashes or not working features due to bad local cache management

  • No settings preview when user change picture fit option

  • No settings preview when user select Bing or Windows Spotlight picture option for the first time

  • When a picture has changed from a Background Task, the settings preview is not updated if the application is launched

  • Initialization not working as expected when slideshow option is selected for the first time

  • Synchronization engine not respect some user settings

  • Synchronization engine of Windows Spotlight pictures did not managed correctly the cache of previous used pictures

  • Reliability improvements of dynamic settings preview generation process (fix some crashes due to this)

  • Reliability improvements of the daily Windows Spotlight update

  • Reliability improvements of the slideshow option (not fully worked in previous Preview builds)

  • Reliability improvements of the synchronization Background Task and logic

  • Some internal crashes

  • Some memory issues

Build 1.2.20500 (

  • Windows Spotlight pictures synchronization no longer works since 24 hours following a change in the Microsoft service backend

  • Back navigation logic when the app is opened from a toast notification

  • Reliability improvements of the first start of application after an uninstall and a reinstall if you have some roaming settings

  • Reliability improvements of dynamic settings preview generation process

  • Reliability improvements of the slideshow option (not fully worked in previous Preview builds)

  • Reliability improvements of the synchronization background task and logic

  • Some internal crashes

  • Some memory issues

Build 1.2.18500 (

  • Malfunction of the synchronization task of the daily Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures when only an Ethernet connection is available

  • Too many update of the background synchronization task even when it is not necessary

Build 1.2.18300 (

  • Some UI issues with new advanced report feature

  • UI issue when no copyright is available with a Bing picture

  • Memory use optimization with dynamic preview of settings

  • In some cases, lost previous navigation state with back navigation logic (Desktop only)

  • In some cases, bad colors of window command buttons (Desktop only)

  • Internal errors

Build 1.2.17200 (

  • Possible rare error when send a toast or tile notification

  • Some random errors when checking the availability of an Internet connection

  • Several silent errors with several pictures management functions (users impacted but without visible errors)

  • Several silent errors (no users impact)

Build 1.2.16700 (

  • Bing images synchronization: we have found and fixed a random breaking bug with an image of islands (no more need to uninstall and reinstall the app)

  • Potential crashes when synchronizing Bing and/or Windows Spotlight pictures

  • Potential crashes when managing app live tiles

  • Calculation of the next run of synchronization background task in some cases

  • Crashes with bad local cache management of Windows Spotlight pictures

  • Potential memory leak in some cases

  • When switching between ON/OFF of live tile settings, tiles of the app are not correctly updated

Build 1.1.5 (

  • Immagini Windows Spotlight sincronizzazione non funziona più da 24 ore a seguito di un cambiamento nel servizio di back-end di Microsoft

Problemi noti

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

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