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Dynamic theme build 1.2.23500 (

Rilasciato il 21 febbraio, 2017

Dynamic theme changelog

Che cosa è cambiato

  • Reliability of the data migration after an application update

  • Reliability of the Windows Spotlight pictures provider

  • Reliability of the internal pictures generation engine (for previews and notifications for example)

  • Reliability of the telemetry data to help us to fix encountered hangs, crashes or internal errors

  • Optimization of custom and slideshow pictures local cache management

  • Dutch translation

  • Italian translation

  • Portuguese translation

Cosa c'è fisso

  • Windows Spotlight pictures provider does not handle correctly the availability of the previous picture after a long navigation

  • Windows Spotlight pictures provider does not check correctly if a picture was already used in the past before use it

  • Some cases in which the application can freeze and/or close at startup (bad management of some asynchronous actions)

  • Bad initialization of command bar layout of full picture view when the app is started in 'wide' mode

  • Bad support of light/dark system theme switch in some cases (especially on Mobile)

  • The user's message input field for advanced reports does not correctly wrap

  • Application may crash if user open a settings view with an album with some directories (slideshow option)

  • Bad support of pictures with custom orientation in metadata (EXIF)

  • Your background and/or lock screen are not updated after a fit option change

  • With custom and slideshow pictures, fit option is incorrectly used

Problemi noti

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

  • Some translations are incomplete (contact me if you would contribute)

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