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Dynamic theme build 1.2.20500 (

Rilasciato il 4 novembre, 2016

Dynamic theme changelog

Cosa c'è di nuovo

  • Picture size adjustment setting is fully enabled in this build (supported mode: fill, fit, strech and center)

  • Dynamic settings preview are updated if background task is running and the app is opened

Che cosa è cambiato

  • Quality of used Bing and Windows Spotlight pictures (thank you for your feedbacks about this!)

  • More timing choices for slideshow option: 2, 9 and 18 hours

  • Italian translation

  • French translation

  • German translation

Cosa c'è fisso

  • Windows Spotlight pictures synchronization no longer works since 24 hours following a change in the Microsoft service backend

  • Back navigation logic when the app is opened from a toast notification

  • Reliability improvements of the first start of application after an uninstall and a reinstall if you have some roaming settings

  • Reliability improvements of dynamic settings preview generation process

  • Reliability improvements of the slideshow option (not fully worked in previous Preview builds)

  • Reliability improvements of the synchronization background task and logic

  • Some internal crashes

  • Some memory issues

Problemi noti

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

  • Experience with new advanced report feature is not optimal at the moment, some additional work is on the way

  • Some translations are incomplete (contact me if you would contribute)

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