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Dynamic theme changelog

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Dynamic theme build 1.7.81 (

Released on July 17, 2023

Dynamic theme changelog

What's changed

  • Removed alpha mask settings for picture fill color related to the selected adjustment (background and lock screen) as this is not applicable in this context

  • Better picture viewer history navigation in some cases (prevent duplicate items, the current picture may not be displayed) when the viewer is opened with a specific picture

  • Improved resiliency of the picture overlay settings changes

  • Windows UI Library updated to version 2.8.5

  • Italian translation

  • Dutch translation

  • Flemish translation

  • Czech translation

What's fixed

  • Prevent an application crash in rare circumstances with the picture description overlay options page

  • Prevent an application crash on old Windows 10 versions whith the action message in the picture viewer

  • Management of the animation of the action message in the picture viewer where there are a mutiple actions done in a short amount of time

  • Cache incorrectly provisioned when last available Bing picture in the history is selected (+ the background/lock screen not updated)

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