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Dynamic theme build 1.6.64 (

Released on August 17, 2022

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

Build 1.6.62 (

  • A manual click on the verify button in the health wizard will now force a reset of the application's background tasks

  • With the Bing and Windows Spotlight options, an icon is now displayed (full path on hover) if you have saved the image locally (manually or automatically) and a click opens it in the Windows file explorer

  • With the Photo and Slideshow options, the name of the used local picture is now displayed (full path on hover) and a click opens it in the Windows file explorer

  • From the picture viewer, if the image exists locally it is now possible to view its path (hover) and open it in the Windows file explorer

What's changed

Build 1.6.64 (

  • Better detection of the existence of local copy of a picture when the view opens

Build 1.6.62 (

  • Improve local cache management to better handle for some edge cases (reliability)

  • For Windows 11 users, the help link when a problem with the background tasks is detected now opens directly in the advanced application options in the Windows Settings (instead of the application list)

  • Reworked files provider of the slideshow option to improve the performance (more reliable)

  • Replace some old MDL2 icons by Fluent versions on Windows 11

  • Add an icon when there is a picture loading error in the viewer

  • Some performance improvements related to the picture providers + better management of simultaneous requests

What's fixed

Build 1.6.64 (

  • Internal error related to concurrency actions management that can impact Windows Spotlight pictures update

  • Crash may occur in the background and lock screen settings depending on certain combinations of states related to the changes introduced by version 1.6.62

Build 1.6.62 (

  • The wallpaper or the lock screen (Bing or Windows Spotlight options) may not be updated properly when a specific update time is set and the computer is not connected or turned off for some long time

  • Handles switching between Bing/Windows Spotlight daily picture options when a specific update time is used

  • The slideshow option can loop indefinitely without updating the picture

  • Local cache is not cleanup correctly for the Photo and Slideshow options (background + lock screen)

  • Internal issue with multi-byte characters related to previously used Windows Spotlight pictures which caused a loss of the history

  • Bad UI focus indicator at application startup

  • Don't reopen the health wizard when the 'About' page is reload due to a display language change

  • Bad width of the commands bar in the picture viewer when the window is small

  • Some refresh issues or truncated strings in the user interface

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