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Dynamic theme changelog

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Dynamic theme build 1.6.47 (

Released on January 17, 2022

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

  • Add the URL associated with to the picture description in the EXIF metadata when saving/exporting

What's changed

  • Reliability of picture changes is improved by using more user/system triggers to detect when an update is required

  • Management improvement of used folders + detection of access errors

  • Memory usage improvement especially with the picture viewer

  • Automatic detection of configuration issues is now only performed when the user is logged in to avoid incorrect reporting during connected standby evaluation

  • Polish translation

What's fixed

  • Application crash when the picture viewer is updated while an action is in progress (saving for example)

  • Application crash when the preview is updated or empty during a connected animation (viewer opening/closing)

  • The name of the 'Issues detected' and 'Update available' menus is not updated when the display language is changed

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