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Dynamic theme changelog

Compare the current stable release, latest Preview build, and previous releases to see when new features and major fixes were introduced in Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.6.45 (

Released on November 25, 2021

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

  • Ukrainian translation

What's changed

  • Portuguese (Brazil) translation

  • Spanish translation

  • German translation

  • Dutch translation

  • Flemish translation

  • Polish translation

  • Chinese (simplified) translation

  • Croatian translation

What's fixed

  • The automatic picture update may not work as expected when a specific/custom time is configured

  • The label indicating when the next picture update is scheduled is incorrect when a specific/custom time is configured

  • The button to manually update the picture does not respect the specific/custom time when configured

  • When saving a picture from the viewer fails, a message is displayed instead of the application crashing (rare cases)

  • Improved resiliency with the Windows Future Access List APIs (files access management)

  • Some exceptions in rare conditions

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