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Dynamic theme changelog

Compare the current stable release, latest Preview build, and previous releases to see when new features and major fixes were introduced in Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.6.32 (

Released on October 12, 2021

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

  • The interface of the application is redesigned with Windows 11 design language! Windows 10 users have the new UI too but with some differences to keep the integration with the specific design language elements like Acrylic material

  • Settings preview UI is updated when the application is running on Windows 11

  • The next picture update is now displayed in the application (approximation of one hour)

What's changed

  • Windows UI Library updated to version 2.7.0

  • AppCenter SDK updated to version 4.4.0

  • Windows 11 SDK (10.0.22000.0) is now used to build the application

  • Optimization of loading performance to process only what is necessary

  • Improved application startup performance

  • Optimization of album management for slideshows

  • Performance optimization when one picture is selected with the picture viewer

  • French translation

Known Issues

  • The translations (except English and French) are partial in this build

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