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Compare the current stable release, latest Preview build, and previous releases to see when new features and major fixes were introduced in Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.5.33238 (1.5.33238.0)

Released on July 25, 2021

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

Build 1.5.33237 (1.5.33237.0)

  • Russian translation

What's changed

Build 1.5.33238 (1.5.33238.0)

  • Disable detection of mandatory updates (Microsoft Store API does not work), all updates will be treated as optional

  • Some internal optimizations

Build 1.5.33237 (1.5.33237.0)

  • Italian translation

What's fixed

Build 1.5.33237 (1.5.33237.0)

  • Update to WinUI 2.6 to fix some crashes related to the UI - Windows 10 styles remain used

  • With some resolutions, the page titles are not displayed with the right style

  • Exception that can crash the application during background tasks initialization if Windows encounter an error internally

  • Back button visibility is incorrectly managed when the application is opened from a secondary tile

  • UI is not correctly adjusted when is switched from 'wide' to 'narrow' state in some cases

  • Bad selected menu/page when the application is opened from a Bing or Windows Spotlight picture toast notification

  • In some rare cases, application crash may occurs in the donation page

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