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Dynamic theme changelog

Compare the current stable release, latest Preview build, and previous releases to see when new features and major fixes were introduced in Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.4.30208 (1.4.302.8)

Released on August 27, 2018

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

  • Polish translation

What's changed

  • Russian translation

  • Microsoft.NETCore.UniversalWindowsPlatform library updated (version 6.1.7)

  • AppCenter SDK updated (version 1.8.0)

  • Microsoft Store Services SDK updated (version 10.1711.28001)

What's fixed

  • Unreliable Background Task registration/execution (Bing & Windows Spotlight images) due to incorrect declaration

  • Incorrect application menu renderer when user navigate with keyboard

  • A crash may occur when the images cache is updated (at startup for example) due to incorrect management of some scenarios

  • A crash may occur sometimes due to bad management of asynchronous operations in some scenarios

  • A crash may occur when you want to save an image from the viewer when it is in bad format/state

  • Some internal errors without impact

Known Issues

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

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