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Dynamic theme changelog

Compare the current stable release, latest Preview build, and previous releases to see when new features and major fixes were introduced in Dynamic theme.
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Dynamic theme build 1.2.17200 (

Released on August 1, 2016

Dynamic theme changelog

What's new

  • New algorithm to avoid reusing the same Windows Spotlight picture if unused pictures are available (if no more new pictures are available, the list of used pictures is reset)

What's changed

  • Some indicators that are sent with crash reports to ensure better debugging

  • When using a less defined Bing picture (not available for your resolution for example), prefer a picture with the same ratio (landscape/portrait)

  • Slovak translation

  • Turkish translation

What's fixed

  • Possible rare error when send a toast or tile notification

  • Some random errors when checking the availability of an Internet connection

  • Several silent errors with several pictures management functions (users impacted but without visible errors)

  • Several silent errors (no users impact)

Known Issues

  • Preview of settings is not generated for custom pictures and slideshows for the moment

  • Picture size adjustment setting is disabled for the moment

  • With the many changes for synchronization and local cache management, some issues can appear (thank you to send advanced reports for this)

  • Some translations are incomplete (contact me if you would contribute)

Current Releases