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Dynamic theme build 1.3.26002 (

Veröffentlicht am 9. September 2017

Dynamic theme Changelog

Was gibt's Neues

Build 1.3.26000 (

  • Spanish translation (thanks to Holler Ruiz Gómez)

Was hat sich geändert

Build 1.3.26000 (

  • Redesign of the process of internal data migration in new versions for better stability and problems capture for debugging

  • Redesign of the internal architecture of the application for a better stability and to prepare the arrival of new features

  • Improved logging system for a better detection of some errors

  • Uses of the last SDK + .NET Native 1.7

  • Improved image quality

  • Some optimizations to provide a better stability

Was wurde behoben

Build 1.3.26002 (

  • In some cases, in pictures viewer, 'use as background/lockscreen' is not working properly

  • Possible crashes in pictures viewer

  • In some rare cases, slideshow option is not reliable - pictures in root user's pictures library are used instead of user choices

Build 1.3.26001 (

  • Manual or automatic pictures export/save feature crash or is not working properly

Build 1.3.26000 (

  • some fixes, in particular with the synchronization process

  • Some UI fixes

  • Fixed internal cache management if it is corrupted

  • Fixed crashes, in particular when saving images or sending an advanced report

  • Improved resiliency in downloading metadata or pictures when a temporary network problem occurs

Bekannte Probleme

  • The app works with Continuum but the settings do not apply correctly

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