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Dynamic theme build 1.7.78 (

Lanzado el 2 de julio, 2023

Dynamic theme de cambios

Qué hay de nuevo

  • Added keyboard shortcuts in the picture viewer: Ctrl+O to open the local image if available, Ctrl+S to save it, Shift+S to save it locally, Alt+S to share it, Ctrl+B to use it as wallpaper and Ctrl+L to use it as lock screen

  • Added keybord shortcuts when selecting a picture: ESC to quit ou ENTER to choose the displayed picture

  • Russian translation is back! (thank you Ruslan and Roman)

Qué ha cambiado

  • Allows the picture viewer to work on a limited connection (intentional user actions)

  • Bulgarian translation

  • Romanian translation

  • Czech translation

  • German translation

  • Spanish translation

  • Dutch translation

  • Flemish translation

  • Chinese (traditional) translation

  • Ukrainian translation

Lo que es fijo

  • The application can crash in some rare circonstances when the incrust options are changed often and quickly

  • Slideshow: bad cache management may cause option not to work in some cases

  • Slideshow: default slideshow directory (user's image library) disappears after adding a custom directory

  • Focus management when the picture viewer is open (full page)

  • In rare circumstances (when Windows is unstable), prevent the application from crashing at startup when updating the local cache

  • Windows Spotlight: support a new URI format (or funky related to a Microsoft publishing error) to be able to download the corresponding picture (a case of this type appears recently)

  • The troubleshoting wizard does not indicates the real state of the connectivity when opened from the picture viewer

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