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Dynamic theme build 1.6.74 (

Veröffentlicht am 15. Februar 2023

Dynamic theme Changelog

Was hat sich geändert

  • Enhanced EXIF data of exported pictures (acquisition date + title for Bing pictures)

  • Improved description of Bing pictures displayed in the application

  • Replaced domain by for the links

  • The browsable viewer is now used when it is opened from a notification (Bing and Windows Spotlight)

  • Change of the 'local document' icon for a better icon

  • Romanian translation

  • German translation

  • Chinese (Simplified) translation

  • Chinese (Traditional) translation

  • AppCenter SDK updated to the version 5.0.1

  • Windows UI Library updated to the version 2.7.3

Was wurde behoben

  • Bad management of the content culture in some cases resulting in the use of English content that is not available in some countries like China

  • The background task responsible to verify if an application update or issue exists is not executed as expected

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